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How to save your pod.

That dull, brown egg doesn’t look like much, but that pod contains your character, or their current clone at least, and losing it means a trip to the medical center to buy a new one. Its destruction can be terribly frustrating, even without a head full of expensive implants. Hopefully, this little guide will make your visits a lot less frequent.

First, one of the golden rules of EVE:


Not having an up to date clone is the only possible way you can lose acquired skill points, and it’s something that should never happen to you, ever. A quick look at your character sheet now and again will show you your skill point total and the limits of your current clone.

You don’t want to be outside in your pod unless it’s absolutely necessary. Always remember, to your enemies, your pod is like sweet, sweet candy, and popping it is a joy to them because they know it adds insult to the injury of losing a ship. Don’t give them the pleasure. Traveling in a pod might seem like a good idea, and it does have a its advantages, as they are reasonably difficult to lock and align to warp stupidly fast. Use a shuttle or fast frigate instead, they warp almost as fast and will give you time to try and warp your pod away if you get caught while traveling.

Right, now, on to the main technique for saving your pod during combat. It doesn’t matter if you’re a combat pilot, or a miner, this is one of the essential skills that every single pilot should be able to perform. As soon as things look doomed, usually when your ship enters structure, select a celestial object from the overview, such as a planet, or station. Planets are generally the best, as the space is likely to be empty when you arrive. Now, hammer the “warp to” button, keep on hammering it, then hammer it some more. Don’t stop until you can see your pod in warp. It’s not an exact science, lag can always disrupt attempts to warp and trying to warp while inside a warp disruption bubble is impossible, but your pod should warp almost as soon as it’s released from your exploding ship. It’s not over yet, though.

Safely arriving at your destination, you now need to get your pod somewhere completely safe. If you arrive at a station, warp to a planet, just to be on the safe side. In the time it takes a pod to approach into docking range a fast ship could arrive and pop you. So, now you are either sat at a planet, or warping to one from a station. Now, warp to another one, and another, if you’re paranoid, and only then go for a station. You can even head for a gate and jump into another system first, if you really want to put some distance between yourself and the enemy. If all goes well, you should be sat snugly inside a station, and not out looking for a new clone.

Keep all this in mind and losing your pod will become a rarity, guaranteed.


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