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… and it only took the god knows how many hours it took to beat it for me to understand. It all comes down to the final boss, because I didn’t really kill the bastard. He beat the shit out of my character repeatedly with his ridiculous, screen clearing attacks giving him more openings to get chains of gems; until about the dozenth time when he didn’t get as many openings and I did, and won, by luck.

Now, Puzzle Quest is a fine game, and hopelessly addictive too; there were days when I could still see the gems when i closed my eyes. It’s not as if the game is entirely dependent on luck, either, my filthy, stun whore of a paladin saw off most enemies with vicious stun/trample combos. However, the final boss, was a matter of luck. It was appropriately difficult, but only because his attacks almost guaranteed him chains of gems, but finally conquering it revealed the glaring flaw in Puzzle Quest’s combat, its utter reliance on chance.

So here I am, victorious and disillusioned.


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