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Mission bloody ten and I finally notice you can switch between visible targets with the d-pad; what a muppet. Only once you are choosing to attack, though, which is probably why I missed it, I’ve usually decided on a target by that point.

Motherfucking Grey Knights!

Now, maybe it’s my inner masochist, but I absolutely love “hold the area” missions, and the ones in squad command are no exception. It’s all about repelling wave after wave of adversaries with a handful of troops in a desperate last stand and emerging victorious; about my dreadnought taking down half a dozen guys before three bloodletters bring him down, buying the last Grey Knight a turn or two until the rest of them swarm over the northern ruins; winning with one half dead marine as deamons swarm towards him and shouting “FUCK YOU, COMPUTER! I AM A HERO!”.

I kept wondering why it starts you off in the centre of the map, instead of the fortified positions to the south east; it’s the cover. Destructible terrain makes holding an area indefinitely impossible. You have to make a fighting retreat, holding until the cover starts to disintegrate, or the enemy gets too close, then pulling back to the next bit of wall or burnt out wreckage. Destroyable terrain is also the saving grace of the stupid bloody bugs where it won’t let me move units through blatant gaps on some maps.

Ruins, the battlefields are always ruins. Sometimes, they are snowy ruins, or desert ruins, but they are always ruins. Now, obviously, this is the grim darkness of the far future, but would it hurt to have a jungle, or at least an area that doesn’t look like it’s been bombed before you got there?

Where in the hell is the turn counter!?


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