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Long before the end I’d moved over to using the d-pad and buttons over the stylus. The accidental firing and move orders are too much and the stylus had been left aside for everything other than the pre-mission setups. It’s easily worth the slower camera movement.

Burned through it in just a couple of days, but it’s not that it’s a horribly short game; I’ve been playing it for almost every waking hour. It’s a leaner, almost anorexic, X-Com/Chaos Gate, and it’s bloody good fun while it lasts. There’s multiplayer, with wi-fi, multi-card, and even download play, but it’s sorely missing some kind of single player skirmish mode. Other than that there isn’t much replay value beyond being able to replay missions with different equipment.

If you’re aroused by destructible terrain and the prospect of purging heretics for the Imperium, get involved.

It’s only a tenner at right now too.


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