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One of the most uncomplicated squad based strategy games I’ve played in a while, automatic overwatch and no action point cost for changing stances. There are also no separate fire modes; you just pour as many action points as you have into increasing the accuracy of your basic attack.

This highlights the fiddly stylus controls, though; I keep firing when I just want to add more AP to the shot.

Although you don’t get to pick specific units for missions, you do get to choose their secondary weapons as they get unlocked during the campaign.

It’s not the prettiest 3D DS game, but that’s like saying it’s not the prettiest burn victim, and although the frame rate is a bit dodgy this is turn-based so who really cares.

Music during missions is notable by its absence; again, not a massive issue, but still.

It feels a lot like a stripped down Chaos Gate, Squad Command’s spiritual predecessor.


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