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There’s a reason the camera for strategy games is generally above the battlefield, being able to see everything at a glance is paramount! Having the camera reposition and lock itself onto the character you are controlling is shit; save the over the shoulder shite for the action parts. It fails to give you any appreciation for where enemies are, and it’s compounded by there not even being an on-screen mini-map.

The actual camera controls, for when it does actually let you move it about, are ridiculously sensitive and the movement grid small enough that moving long distances is a bloody chore.

Then there’s enemy movement, which the camera focuses on so tightly it’s impossible to determine where the identical Nazis are coming from.

And it’s called colour! Transferring an anime aesthetic to a real world setting is no excuse for the game to look bland as shit.

Another major issue I have is with the target selection. It’s more than happy to point out off screen enemies, but the ones in the centre of the screen aren’t highlighted in anyway at all. They just blend into the fucking grey. You have to cycle between targets, and even that’s a chore. Just let me cycle the targets I can hit, not every other cunt on the battlefield.

Not entirely sure if there’s a class system, but some of my team can turn into werewolves. The transformations are insignificant flourishes of colour that should look like a rocket propelled kaleidoscope to the face.

The covering system looked interesting, but then one of my main guys got shot and I lost the mission. Main characters that can’t die or you fail the mission are bad enough when it’s just one, but my team had fucking four.

Fuck this game.


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