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So, what about the other government types?

Communism: Increased production, temples and cathedrals produce no culture.

A fierce, industrial, empire can use the production bonuses from Communism in many ways. Units, for churning out masses of troops, and buildings, for increasing science and gold income. There’s also the obvious application for building wonders faster, but using them for a cultural victory is hampered by Communism’s culture penalty.

It’s also the last government on the tech tree, and the only one unavailable to a specific civilisation from the start. As well as limiting your culture, there’s the possibility of your non-walled cities becoming vulnerable to flipping from culture heavy neighbours.

Fundamentalism: +1 attack to all ground units while attacking, no science bonus from libraries and universities.

The warmonger’s choice, combined with barracks it can can give you a fearsome army very early on, and is enough of a reason to keep an eye on the Arab empire if you start nearby. Slower tech progression can be a problem, but really you want to put most of your trade into gold and buy new tech from the civs you aren’t at war with, while pillaging from the rest.

Despotism: No culture loss from using nuclear weapons.

The basic government type, everyone starts with Despotism active. With nukes being such as small part of the game, the only benefit is that it has no real strengths or weaknesses.

Republic: Reduces the population cost of settlers by one.

The earliest government on tech tree, and easily worth dumping despotism for. The cost reduction makes it the best option for expanding your empire quickly in the opening stages of a game, but by the mid to late game it becomes redundant with most of the best terrain already settled.

Monarchy: Doubles the bonus to culture in any palaces you own.

A 100% culture boost to your capital, rather than the usual 50%. Definitely worth picking up between Republic and Democracy, even if you aren’t going for a cultural victory. the potential for expanded borders and additional great people cannot be ignored.


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