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Fired up my first game as the English; glory to the empire, and all that jazz.

Started close enough to the Mongols to seize a town very early on; not their capital though. Early rushes are possible, but, as soon as bronze working is discovered, archers can make most early settlements impenetrable until catapults start showing up.

Not entirely happy with the diplomacy so far, it seems to consist of me being threatened by another civ demanding money or tech every so often, which usually leads to war.

Speaking of war, the domination victory is now based on capturing a capital cities, which means not having to clean up a faction after smashing them into submission.

The Mongols have had enough of the kicking I was giving them by the middle ages and demanded peace, but now the Egyptians want a piece and are bring their armies up from the south.

Another great feature is the economic and cultural milestones that give you an extra unit, bonus, or technology as you acquire certain amounts of each resource. Hitting one hundred gold for the first time gives you a free settler, which is more than enough incentive to boost your economy in the early game.

Naval units can’t attack cities, with bombardment removed, but add to their firepower of adjacent land battles, making naval presence scarily effective.

After repelling the initial waves and storming south as I reached the Modern Age, the Egyptians ask for peace, and I accept, but only because I want to finish researching combustion.

Next time I’m hitting them with tanks.


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