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A peaceful late game, it seems.

A 50% boost to science and gold production at the cost of not being able to declare war, and being vetoed into peace by congress if an opponent demands it. Obviously the government of choice for science and economic victories, but it limits your military actions to self defense. You can’t even launch nuclear weapons at an aggressor, which annoyed me to the point of switching to Communism just to glass the island city of Calcutta, and show the Indians just how unimpressed I was with how they’d treated me for the entire game.

The main advantage of Democracy, however, comes from other nations implementing it too. Unless you are the Greeks, it doesn’t show up until the mid-game, but once Democracy becomes dominant amongst the factions it makes the later stages very peaceful as everyone chasing victories other than domination.

So there is an incentive to spread the Democracy tech around one you get it, in order to pacify other nations. It also makes them easier to predict, a Democratic neighbour isn’t going to send tanks your way, but expect trouble as soon as they switch out to anything else.

Next, an overview of the other government types.


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