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The latest chapter in the thrilling series “Andy has played Civ: Revolutions almost non-stop since Monday”!

Started out as the Greeks to see if spreading Democracy early on will lead to a more peaceful game. In my previous game, as Japan, the later stages had been entirely peaceful as everyone scrambled for tech/econ/culture victories.

The answer seems to be no, if everyone else chooses instead to use different governments. It makes sense, in the early stages you are best going after republic as your first government. Democracy also ties your hands tremendously in wars. You don’t get to pick your fights, only able to attack opponents in self defense, and even then you are unable to refuse a call for peace, making completely eradicating a faction troublesome. Wars never really end, they just stop until your opponents decide to strike again.

Anyway, things didn’t work out entirely to plan, with most of the factions not even bothering to dabble in democracy. The Arabs flicked between Despotism and Fundamentalism, and along with the Aztecs forced me into paying them off with tech while I was still gathering an army, but at least they were doing something; the French, on the other hand , were all talk as they sat on the other side of the world. The Chinese were they only one to settle on Democracy, and only got in touch to trade tech now and again.

Off to a slow start, my military picked up nicely towards the end of the middle ages and I was able to hold off the combined Arab/Aztec hordes. The Arabs were a constant thorn in my side until I managed to beat the Aztecs into a truce, and out tech them to the point of running over their cavalry with tanks. The perils of fundamentalism, I suppose. With superior firepower, I smashed through their offensive armies and plowed straight into Tangier, resulting in a rapid demand for a truce.

There was one thing I hadn’t noticed, though.

Tangier was right next to the French monarchy, who took the opportunity to send troops across the border almost immediately. No tanks, yet, luckily, but a sizable contingent of riflemen, knights, and cannon.

Then the Aztecs declared war, again.


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