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Right, so, a decade later and the infernal Aztecs are pacified again, and the Greek-France border had been very quiet after the siege of Tangier. I’d managed to hold onto it while I diverted attention to the Aztec. French troops were probably going to make another assault in a matter of turns, but they could easily be driven off. My civilization was now on a war footing, with my gold reserves allowing me to pump out legions of Tanks and new researched Modern Infantry.

Now, this game had started with the intention of trying to keep things peaceful, and while, in the grand scheme of things, that had failed horribly, I could continue to defend my empire quite easily until the end of the game. This was when I really started thinking about the end game.

My last two games had ended in an economic victory, which could easily be achieved again. It was probably the relentless taunting by the French from their, now not so far away, cities of magnificent culture, but I decided to chase a culture victory, and with both of us level on the victory scale, France had to take a hit. Along the main road into France lay Chartres and Al-Ain, and beyond that, Paris, the jewel of their empire.

In 1972, Greek tanks crossed the border.


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