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Kind of.

I must have run straight into France’s next attack, because they hit my forces as soon as they moved across the border. Easily dealt with, but enough to pop a tank division before being overwhelmed. Even with the firepower of later units, the right type can still be lethal. After that they practically walked into Al-Ain and Chartres.

Right into the cultural wall.

Chartres started showing the flipping imminent flag as soon as I took it, forcing me to rush temples and push on over the Champagne river as soon as possible.

And there it was, Paris.

Victory was inevitable, but the French weren’t going down easily, they moved support North, from Marseilles, and held out for several turns before Paris fell.

It was game over at this point, so I’ll wrap it up.

  • Marseilles fell shortly after, pushing France of the continent to their island cities.
  • The Arabs and Aztecs, finally, went for Democracy.
  • Florence Nightingale appeared, opening up the United Nations.
  • France did not concede defeat, sending swarms of fighters across the channel.
  • The game crashed a few turns from the UN, bah.

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