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Currently fourth, behind the Arceans, Krynn, and Iconians.

The Iconian war machine seems to have been spent after that first attack and a peace treaty was signed halfway through the year, and assuming the Arceans don’t have the logistics technology to launch attacks from the other side of the map, i think I’m out of trouble for a bit.

The Terrans, despite providing a quarter of my income through trade, have a military of zero. I don’t have access to troop transports yet, but it’s something to consider.


The Krynn were the next to declare war on us, and almost anyone else. Specifically the Iconians, which should keep them off my back nicely. Not as quick off the mark is the Iconians, but eventually a couple of fleets struck, defeated only after the loss of Tecnovikonia and Kpparberg’s defense ships. Our armour tech was useless against their lasers.


Wars have been going on elsewhere, it seems. The Drath Legion surrendered to the Krynn, so I know what hit me wasn’t their main force. I also know this because it turned up on more doorstep before the end of the year. A ranger class ship, with support. My best fleet has a laser attack of nine, this has an attack of over one hundred, in everything.

Things were not going to end well.


A brief summary:

  • The Krynn fleet happily smashed everything threw at it.
  • Everyone declared war on me.
  • The Terrans somehow grew an army over night and the combined forces of three nations started landing drop ships on Tecnovikonia.

Even the Iconians leaving me some of their planets as they were destroyed wasn’t enough to hold back a crushing defeat.

Game Over.


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