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Diverting my current bout of Civ fanaticism to Galactic Civilizations 2, specifically its new expansion: Twilight of the Arnor.

Fired up a new game as the Yor collective, on medium difficulty, because, despite being inexperienced with Gal Civ, I refuse to drop it any lower, that is the domain of little old ladies.

A quick name change to the “Cider Collective”, and off we go. My flagship heads off into the stars, while the colony ship moves to the class four in my home system.


Not a great start, The Collective owns a relatively small pocket of space, with three class tens, and one class four, under my control. Military is a concern now, with the early colony rush appearing to be over, it’s time to get some defensive fleet operational.


Discovered very quickly that my economy was in dire need of boosting and weapons research would take some time. Pushing military matters to one side I continued boosting the population on all of my planets in order to get more tax income.

Our technology progression is adequate, at least, and by the end of the year the first Collective Star Furys are entering active service.


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