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580 AD– Our galley discovers the extent of the French empire, with Athens under their control they’d obviously been the ones who’d done away with the Greeks early on and now they controlled a good chunk of Europe.

780 AD– A great scientist appears. I begin establishing harbours to reap the rewards of trade.

800 AD– The Mongols start sending threats so I decide to build more defenses, I’ve been here before, in a galaxy far far away.

820 AD– England is now the wealthiest nation. Hurrah!

860 AD– Research finishes on optics and starts on Astronomy, and the galleons that will let me dominate the sea.

1000 AD– The first of many ocean faring vessels sets sail from York.

1010 AD– Despite numerous demands for Optics from other nations, I jealously guard my advantage. No dice.

1020 AD– Another great scientist appears!

1050 AD– England is slipping down the scoreboard, more cities our needed to expand our empire, Greenland/Iceland looks ideal.

1050 AD– England reaches the new world and makes contact with the Americans.

1150 AD– I’d already decided to trade Astronomy to the Malinese in exchange for Engineering. It was easily the best offer I’d received until France offered 1460 gold and Philosophy.


1180 AD– Another great scientist appears, and my Caravels in the New World discover the Caribbean. It’s entirely uncolonised and a possible site for more English cities.

1200 AD– Time for a break.


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