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Jim Rossignol’s book, This Gaming Life, arrived in the post this morning, so I’m plowing through it in between turns; but anyway, on to business, this Empire isn’t going to expand itself.


1200 AD– As the English I’m getting some nice, upbeat orchestral music to accompany my path to domination. The only thing that’s missing is some nice summer weather but, alas, there’s nothing but overcast skies outside my window.

1220 AD– I use a new great scientist to kick off a golden age.

1250 AD– The French now have galleons out and about. I’m already working on getting privateers to sort them out, though.

The Aztecs and Americans, alone in North America, have declared war.

1260 AD– America asks for assistance; sod that. Although I do give them the gift of horseback riding to help them in their fight.

Further exploration of South America reveals that the East coast is unsettled and rich in resources, definitely a site for future colonisation.

1290 AD- Our economy should now be able to easily afford long distance colonies and settlers head off to islands in the Atlantic. After that I can send more to the Caribbean and South America.

1320 AD– Warwick and Newcastle are established off the coast of Europe.

We can now build privateers!

1410 AD– While they haven’t expanded to the East coast, it seems the Mayans have most of the West coast of South America under their control.

1490 AD– The BASTARD Americans got a settler to the main Caribbean island a few turns before we landed and the BASTARD French have a newly built city on the North end of South America.


1505 AD– Oxford is built in the Caribbean.

1520 AD– My new privateers claim their first kill, a Spanish caravel. Time to start giving the rest of Europe trouble on the high seas.

1530 AD– Liverpool, our first colony in South America, is built.

Time for another break.


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