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And we’re back to Civ again, Civ IV.

Trying out the 18 civ Earth map, as England.

4000 BC– The island start should keep me free from harassment while I colonise the British Isles. Built a worker and focused on the technology to exploiting the many resources next to London.

2200 BC– Stupid idea, but I happened to have a quarry setup fairly quickly, the Great wall of england is built. As usual, however, i wasn’t paying attention to my economy and had slipped into the red.

1200 BC– A great spy appears in london and I establish scotland yard, never really made much use of espionage, now might be a good time to give it some attention.

875 BC– First galley constructed and I send a settle across to colonise Ireland.

725 BC– Hastings is established in Ireland.

675 BC– Started moving the palace to the centre of my empire in York to cut down on maintenance costs.

600 BC– Ze Germans cancel our trade agreement. I didn’t want their fucking pigs anyway.

425 BC– Judaism has swept through Europe and is now supported by all of the nations I have contact with, so I go with the flow and convert.

300 BC– York is now the capital of England.

175 BC– The massive amounts of food in England has left me with heavily populated, and therefore unhappy, cities, I’m hoping a wave of aqueducts will sort that out.

Intermission– Already I’m losing focus, my first plan of controlling the British Isles is complete. I’m thinking about playing it like Britain, with sea power and trade.

My default route in Revolutions has been an economic victory, no such luck here, but a decent economy can be applied to many things, maybe a Space race victory.

25 AD– Another great spy in London, meanwhile, I send a couple of spies France’s way.

50 AD– Who send me and offer of 400 gold and Meditation in return for calender.

125 AD– Which is convenient, as my two spies got rumbled trying to steal from their treasury.

175 AD– Oh dear god it’s 5am.


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