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Journaling these last few games has definitely changed the way I’ve been playing, regular breaks and reviewing each session has resulted in much more consideration, but, I still have a problem. I’m too rash, and prone to charging on with turns rather than taking it all in, and in a game like Galactic Civilizations especially, that leads to disaster, as my last game showed.

The English empire was failing, and rather than plow on I thought it would be best just to end it and review what went wrong instead.

-The small starting area was safe, but made expansion difficult until i could build ocean faring vessels and support overseas colonies.

-Being passive didn’t help, starting a fight across the channel wouldn’t have been ideal, but taking a city or two from France would have helped further on down the line.

-I need to pay more attention to culture, London switched to French control without me even being aware of it, and the only conceivable way of retaking it was through military force, which I didn’t have.


-be aggressive when you need to.

-build and sustain a military.

-be aware.


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