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Easily the ship class I’m most excited about with the upcoming changes.


  • Retribution: 240/278 2.000m/1.171m 6.2m/5.3m
    Vengeance: 235/273 1.950m/1.163m 6.0m/5.4m
  • Hawk: 235/273 2.250m/1.217m 7.0m/5.0m
    Harpy: 225/264 2.125m/1.155m 6.6m/4.7m (mass, and agility)
  • Enyo: 240/278 1.950m/1.171m 6.0m/5.3m
    Ishkur: 250/287 2.000m/1.216m 6.2m/5.5m
  • Wolf: 295/329 1.805m/1.309m 5.6m/5.2m
    Jaguar: 325/357 1.750m/1.366m 5.4m/5.1m

Rejoice, AFs are now almost as fast and light as their T1 counterparts. They suffer in terms of agility, but are now viable in sub-10k combat with the reduced webs. They should have the speed to get under a battleship’s guns while having the tank to stay there.

Interesting changes:

Despite their dominant speeds, minmatar have the heaviest AFs, while Caldari have the lightest and most agile. The harpy is going to be the Merlin of the AFs.


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