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So, changes are afoot:


Speed /Mass/ Agility:


  • Crucifier: 245/282 1.525m/1.064m 4.727m/4.266m
  • Executioner: 390/404 1.000m/1.124m 3.100m/3.315m (agility and speed, by a long way)
  • Inquisitor: 270/306 1.500m/1.130m 4.650m/4.294m
  • Magnate: 260/296 1.425m/1.072m 4.417m/4.062m
  • Punisher: 250/287 1.425m/1.047m 4.417m/4.030m (mass!?)
  • Tormentor: 265/301 1.700m/1.180m 5.270m/4.779m

Executioner is still the more maneuverable frigate, but it’s not the shuttle substitute it used to be.


  • Bantam: 260/296 1.675m/1.155m 4.187m/3.788m
  • Condor: 375/404 1.150m/1.185m 3.105m/3.128m (speed)
  • Griffin: 250/287 1.450m/1.056m 3.552m/3.241m
  • Heron: 285/320 1.450m/1.150m 4.060m/3.795m
  • Kestrel: 260/296 1.700m/1.163m 4.505m/4.070m
  • Merlin: 230/268 1.450m/0.997m 3.480m/3.110m (mass and agility!?)

Despite being the slowest frigate in the game now, the merlin stands alongside interceptors in terms of mass and agility.


  • Atron: 380/409 1.100m/1.164m 3.410m/3.468m (speed)
  • Imicus: 240/278 1.350m/0.997m 4.185m/3.818m (mass)
  • Incursus: 300/334 1.100m/1.028m 3.410m/3.330m (agility)
  • Maulus: 260/296 1.400m/1.063m 4.340m/3.996m
  • Navitas: 290/325 1.600m/1.221m 4.960m/4.615m
  • Tristan: 260/296 1.250m/1.006m 3.875m/3.621m


  • Breacher: 300/334 1.450m/1.187m 4.195m/4.249m
  • Burst: 280/315 1.350m/1.096m 4.185m/3.934m
  • Probe: 300/334 1.300m/1.123m 4.030m/3.851m
  • Rifter: 320/353 1.100m/1.067m 3.410m/3.371m (mass)
  • Slasher: 410/419 1.000m/1.150m 3.100m/3.346m (speed and agility)
  • Vigil: 320/353 1.125m/1.080m 3.487m/3.434m

The obvious effects: All frigates are faster now, and most of them have seen a fairly decent mass reduction. The exceptions being the faster frigates of each race, which have been made slightly heavier and less agile. Overall, frigates are now going to be faster, for speed and acceleration, and quicker to turn and get to warp. Not as fast as interceptors, but pretty damn close.

Racial Comparisons:

Speed /Mass/ Agility

  • Executioner: 404m/s 1.124m 3.315m (mass)
  • Condor: 404m/s 1.185m 3.128m (Agility)
  • Atron: 409m/s 1.164m 3.468m
  • Slasher: 419m/s 1.150m 3.346m (speed)

Executioner might not be the insta-warping shuttle replacement it used to be.

  • Punisher: 287m/s 1.047m 4.030m
  • Merlin: 268m/s 0.997m 3.110m(agility) (mass)
  • Incursus: 334m/s 1.028m 3.330m
  • Rifter: 353m/s 1.067m 3.371m(speed)

Either they made a mistake or the merlin is now the lightest (along with the Imicus) and most agile frigate, madness.

  • Crucifier: 282m/s 1.064m 4.266m
  • Griffin: 287m/s 1.056m 3.241m (mass and agility)
  • Maulus: 296m/s 1.063m 3.996m
  • Vigil: 353m/s 1.080m 3.434m (speed)

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