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AFs are looking like they will be better at the close range tackling role than Interceptors. They don’t rely on MWDs as much for their speed, making them resistant to the new scramblers (which disable MWDs at 7.5K), and have the tank to survive while being webbed, and even neuted.

So, where will ceptors fit into EVE after the changes, should they happen?

Speed: They are still going to be the fastest ships in the game. Nothing else is going to be able to outrun, or catch up to, targets like an interceptor. Webs alone aren’t the threat they used to be, being dropped down to 2-2.5k is still faster than most MWDing ships.

Long Range Tackling: The tackling ceptors, in particular, are still going to be kings in this role. Scrambling from 30K puts you out of the range of most weapons, while the speed allows them to mitigate the damage from weapons that can hit that far.

Electronic Attack Ships: Although faster than AFs, and all but the fastest of the T1 frigates, they still can’t match the interceptors, and are fragile enough that one can easily take it out. Although, with their powerful EW abilities they are still really dangerous for a ceptor to engage solo.

Other ceptors, and frigates: T1 frigates, generally, don’t stand a chance against an interceptor. It’s even possible to outmaneuver and wear down assault frigates. Then there’s the obvious counter to tackling ceptors, the dogfighters like the Taranis and Crusader.


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