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It’s been a few weeks since WAR was released and I’ve finally managed to stick with a character long enough to make it to twenty and get my wolf mount. A relatively painless endeavour; I was in a position to easily afford it despite being an auction house whore since I’d hit the end of tier one. WAR has yet to put me into a position where I’ve had to grind for anything, particularly money, and despite the slow down in levelling as I approached the end of the Greenskin tier two area all it took was a quick skip over to the Dark Elf zones to power on through the last few levels. Admittedly, I rushed through them, but now I’m in a comfortable position to RvR with almost all of my skills for tier two available, including, bloody finally: another attack for my Squig Armour. This just happens to be a DOT with a snare effect, making Squig Armour a little bit more versatile than the flailing bowling ball it was previously.

Plus I have a mount!




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