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Patch 1.02 has arrived with some changes for the Squig Herder.

-Da Smell Don’t Bother Me has had its effect overhauled. It now provides a slight Heal Over Time effect to the Squig Herder while he is inside the Squig Armor. 

-Git ‘Em will now upgrade correctly.

-The following abilities should now be useable in Squig Armor:

Don’t Eat Me

Farty Squig

Squig Frenzy

Tastes Like Chicken

All Pet summons spells

I haven’t gotten as far as “Da Smell Don’t Bother Me” but the other changes definitely make the Squig Armour a bit more versatile, especially the detaunt “Don’t Eat Me” and “Farty Squig”, with the latter giving a bit more control over your battle squig. Also, I hit 21 which gave me the mastery point for “Indegestion” and adding another ability to those avaliable while in my Squig Armour. It’s another five second cooldown ability, but I have enough now that I can keep up a constant barrage of attacks; and the AOE damage is nice too. On the brink of tier three now; I’m keeping the leveling to RVR only with my guild mates until enough of us can start hitting the next set of scenarios.


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