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ECM/ Falcon Nerf

If one doesn’t get nerfed this year, the other will. I’m betting on changes to the actual ECM modules, rather than an overhaul of ship bonuses (although a balancing to get the Rook back into use would be nice). Overpowered or not, ECM is easily the most common EW type, and it gives a fairly big advantage for one side in small fleet warfare. I don’t happen to think it’s particularly unbalanced, outside of a bit of tweaking here and there, but you don’t see people training Arazu alts. The real problem, as with changing anything in EVE, is the knock on effect that leads to the next prediction.

Remote Rep Nerf.

Any nerfing done to ECM ships will just increase the power of the increasingly common Remote Repair Battleship gangs. CCP has already disallowed any Remote Repair modules from the upcoming tournament due to it making the fights fairly boring, and this might be a subtle hint as to their view on it in the normal game as well (but this is just me doing the typical EVE-O forumite thing of reading between lines that aren’t even there). With the ability to jam multiple ships effectively, the only real way to break a RR fleet tank is with overwhelming firepower; which just promotes the boring escalation of bringing more numbers. Repair Drones can be shot down, Logistic Ships are vulnerable “healers” for the fleet (and will likely be unaffected by whatever RR nerf comes), and that’s how it really should be, to be honest. For some reason, a good chunk of my corp have an obsession with going out and fighting can-baiters in RR Battleship gangs, which I think is just- and I’ve said it twice already but I’ll say it again- boring.

Tech 3 Is Going To Change Things…Forever.

A bit of an obvious one, and a little less “stabbing in the dark” compared to everything else on this list. Seeing the footage of the T3 presentation was quite jaw-dropping, especially the possibilities of modular ships. Even with just one “ship” per race, CCP have single-handedly created more different ships than already exist in the game, which is staggering, but does pose a problem: Adding ship types to the overview columns made target calling a hell of a lot easier, but what happens when one ship name could be almost anything (depending on how diverse the parts actually are) Have fun target calling a vessel that can be thousands of different combinations of twenty five modules. Yeah, good luck with that.

Factional Warfare Updates- Sovereignty

Settlement Incentive

Continuing with the theme of wild swings into the unknown, I took this news article as a subtle hint to the introduction of a kind of low-sec sovereignty system. My assumption would be that high ranking corps and militia members will be able to claim systems, planets, moons, or whatever for their Militia, but also get some kind of benefit from it. The main problem with Factional Warfare is that systems changing hands mean absolutely nothing, aside form bragging rights, but if these systems were to become the “home” systems of corporations, or even alliances when they get introduced, then it gives players a resource to fight over, which is really what EVE is all about.

Ok, so this might be just one prediction and three wishes, but anyway.


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