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EVE has died of for me over the holidays, and since I’ve been wanting to jump back over to WAR ever since the Blackguard was released, this seemed like the perfect time. I also wanted to try leveling up just through ORVR fighting and quests; no scenarios, no PQs, and no PVE outside of the npcs hanging out in the RVR lakes. With the increases to xp from RVR, and the new RVR influence system, things definitely looked like they were going to be a lot smoother than it would have been at launch. For anyone thinking of getting involved in ORVR leveling, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

Server Population-

Are you on a low population server? Well, pack your bags, because it’s time to make a move to one of the busier servers. My previous Destro characters were setup on Burlok, and my first Blackguard just wasn’t getting any action in tier one, so I re-rolled on Karak Norn, and saw more violence in one hour than I’d seen in the previous two days on Burlok. I wouldn’t class Burlok as a quiet server, but Karak Norn has at least one open RVR warband running about almost 24/7, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Grouping up-

WAR is not a game balanced around 1v1 combat, and although the xp gain is bigger when you are solo, you simply aren’t going to survive fights often enough to take advantage of it. That said, it is fucking epic when you take someone down and get 2000k+ xp for it. Really, though, you want to be in a party, or warband, especially if you want to start taking objectives/keeps for the renown and influence (and you will, since renown and influence rewards are going to be your main source of equipment if you are just doing RVR). Therefore, form groups and guilds for RVR is the best way to get consistent xp gain.


Yes, quests. While you’re in the RVR zones, bashing some poor sod’s head in, you’d be a fool not to take all of the RVR quests you can get. There’s scouting quests for the objectives, and you should always have the repeatable “kill x enemy players” quest running. If your server’s capital city is leveled up high enough there’s also the keep taking quests as well, and that xp adds up.


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