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The current war has taken us down into Minmatar space, but since all of the targets are US timezone things have been a bit on the quiet side and I’ve been doing a bit of exploration when there’s been nothing to shoot. It’s very chilled out, to the point that it makes salvaging look like base jumping,  easy going on my poor hungover brain on days like today, and being cloaked ninety percent of the time keeps me out of trouble.  One of the best things about exploration is that I get to fly the sexy beast in the picture above. An Amarrian Covert Ops frigate, the Anathema is yet another ship that I wish could be fitted for serious combat. I also want to get involved with finding wormholes when they arrive with Apocrypha so I’m brushing up on my Astrometrics skills in preparation.

I wasn’t around for the introduction of Tech Two, but these tunnels to new areas of space and Tech Three modular ships are going to kick off a new gold rush come March, and I want in. When the Revelations expansion brought in a whole host of new Tech One ships the prices were insane for the first few weeks, but as T1 blueprints and materials were relatively easy to come by the settled quickly. Although the exact details of how wormholes are going to work, it’s likely that they’ll be more difficult to obtain than T2, which means the prices may stay stupidly high for months, especially for the popular ship parts.

What I’m hoping for, at least, is a system that won’t just open the doors for the major powers to move in and settle these new areas with overwhelming numbers as soon as they appear. It would be nice if there was a random element to the wormhole destinations, with the entry/exit points changing locations, so that setting up a base there is possible, but maintaining one is difficult over a long period of time. I’d imagine these new areas are going to be impossible to jump to via jump bridges, so people can’t just dump x many Capital Ships wherever they like.

The good thing is that since Wormholes are part of an overhaul of the Exploration mechanics there probably won’t be more skills to learn, beyond the ones for actually using them, so I can start training towards it right now and get more specific when Apocrypha hits Singularity.


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