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and the bastards release the wormhole/exploration dev blog.

Now I can’t stop thinking about the implications, and this is only the first of a possible eleven dev blogs on Apocrypha.

Essentially, it’s appears that it’s everything I hoped it would be: hidden wormholes that lead to random 0.0-esque systems, rather than special exploration complexes.

“The wormholes themselves will be open only for a randomly determined amount of time and can only let through a certain amount of mass before they collapse. Pilots should carefully consider the information their ship’s computer gives them about a wormhole before committing to travel through it. Although there will always be a way back to known space from wormhole space, you may have to search long and hard to locate it.”

The mass restricts suggest that they will lean more in favour smaller ship classes rather than capital, and even BS groups being the fleets of choice in “W-space”, which is good. It’s similar to the way they limited the FW complexes, but with less of a hard cap; you can bring your carrier through, but there’s no guarantee that the wormhole, or any that lead to other system will have enough mass for you to keep going, or return. Oh yeah, it’s called W-space now; probably going to get shortened to w-sec, or something.

The other important highlight is that there are no plans, currently, to allow sovereignty, and since keeping a POS will be a logistical nightmare it’s likely that sustaining any kind of significant presence in w-space will be impossible.

It’s entirely possible that there will be the appropriate materials to run a POS in a system, but whether it will be permanently available is something else; running a base of operations in a system with exits to random systems is also going to be madness.

There’s also there’s information on the changes to the probe system:

  • You will be able to drop more than one probe in a grid
  • Probe scan ranges can be adjusted via a drag and drop interface in the 3D map, removing the need for multiple probe types
  • Probes can be repositioned in the solar system map using a drag and drop interface and will warp to their specified positions
  • Scanning will now use triangulation to refine and improve accuracy of scan results
  • You can recall probes for re-use at a later point and time
  • The transition from ship view to 3D Solar System view to Universe Map view has been made near instant, allowing for quick switching between them

“There will be two new probe types, exploration and combat. Exploration probes will not be able to locate ships and drones but will have extremely low fitting requirements, making them ideal for people who wish to hunt down wormholes and other celestial anomalies. The combat probe launcher is able to detect ships and drones but has a higher fitting requirement, making this the tool of choice for those wishing to hunt down other pilots.”

In a word: Fantastic. Probes were fiddly little buggers, and changes like adjustable ranges streamlines their use without taking away too much of the skill element.

So yeah, training Astrometrics V at the moment.

Maybe w0.w0?


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