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Some of the CCP devs have faced the whirlwind of madness that is the dev blog comments thread and given us a little more clarification as to what we can expect:

After some debate as to whether a wormhole will let you jump back, it’s been confirmed that, dependent on the remaining mass and time limit, all wormholes are two-way tunnels. This means that you will be able to scout the new areas before deciding if it’s worth exploring fully.

All w-space is the equivalent of 0.0 space, where anything goes, and most encounters with other players are likely to be bloody because of it. Unlike 0.0 space, or any other space for that matter, these new systems will not be named; no system, constellation, or region information will be displayed. It’s been suggested that players will put together a database based on the system IDs in the API code, but otherwise they are completely unidentifiable systems. The only way to mark them for future reference would be through bookmarks.

The possibility of capital ships finding a route to high sec quickly became a concern, but it’s very likely that the mass restrictions on high sec wormholes will be small enough to stop that, or they’ll put in a hard limit that stops them jumping through into empire space. Players with outlaw status in smaller ships won’t have that problem, but jumping into space where they can be shot on site should be a surprise for some of them.

After the initial rumours that wormholes would be based entirely in 0.0 space, I’m very interested to see what will happen with the high sec wormholes. My theory is that, as with factional Warfare, hundreds of players that wouldn’t normally go anywhere near a 0.0 are going to be flocking in droves through the various wormholes in search of riches. Which is good, as this constant trickle of t3 components and materials is going to form the basis of the t3 market, but maybe not so good for some as they suddenly find themselves in a place where they can shoot each other with impunity.

Whether w-space will keep the current form of local, or feature some kind of delayed made is still unconfirmed at the moment, but it will make a fairly epic difference if it does use a delayed mode. In theory, the new scan probes might be enough to make removing local a possibility, but it’s all up in the air at the moment.

The new NPCs will be “different”, which leads towards the idea that these will be the first NPCs to use the AI that CCP has been working on. It’s also likely that it’ll be possible to fight them with PVP fits, which will make preparation for exploration a lot easier. Half the reason low sec missions aren’t touched by the majority of the player base is because it relies on bringing a PVE fit ship into what is, essentially a PVP zone.


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