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NPCs aren’t going to take your shit anymore.

Well, not all of them, but officer spawns and the new Sleeper NPCs will have a new, proper AI system that will allow them to intelligently switch targets, and other, as of yet unkown, tactics. As with the previous dev blog, it doesn’t go into specifics and is really just another massive cocktease as to what we can expect for Apocrypha, but it’s comforting to know that w-space probably won’t be the “solo PVE Paradise” that somep people fear it might be.

It also mentions that PVP setups will be more suited to fighting the Sleepers, which could mean that they are less reliant on specific armour/shield reisists and may need to be warp scrambled to prevent them from escaping.

We also got the first hints that they are looking at re-balancing low-sec to make it more profitable than high-sec, but with more risk. NPC battleships will be appearing in some low-sec areas, making ratting and raising your security status easier than travelling all the way out to low-sec. It should also increase PVP if they can lure more people out there with the promise of more money to make, more money makers to pirate, and more pirates to shoot.

My theory is that this is just one of many changes to low-sec that we’ll see in Apocrypha, and that 0.0 alterations will follow in the summer expansion, along with changes to the soverignty system; but anyway, that’s two of eleven, or possibly more dev blogs out and Apocrpha is already going to have a massive impact on the universe.


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