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…when I’m not looking. When I left the house CCP had just announced the skill queue, but by the time I returned my corp had managed to get a Navy Mega kill, our War Targets retracted their dec, and one of the biggest, and most notorious alliances in the game had been disbanded.

The skill queue  is something that has been demanded from the players for some time now.  So, come March 10th we’ll now be able to form a queue of skills, as long as they all start within twenty four hours. This means that it will be possible to set a number of short skills without having to log in to set it each time one finishes. Not everyone is happy with the time limit, as you’d expect, but it’s a perfectly fine compromise to stop skill training being an entirely AFK process.

The queue is clearly an addition to the improved New Player Experience that CCP are aiming for with Apocrypha. With the lower skill levels varying from a few minutes to a few hours it makes perfect sense to cut out the need to log in several times a day just to change skills.

That doesn’t mean it’s  entirely useless for long time players. When a long skill finishes at 4am, I will no longer have to stop it and wait until I have the time to be there when it finishes. 24 hours before it finishes I can just pop another skill onto the queue to start a 4am, which is brilliant.

The disbanding of BOB is  the subject of much debate across the EVE community, but the thing to remember about EVE is that no alliance or corporation lasts forever. BOB may have lost their name, territory, and a good chunk of assets, but the players are still there and they will reform into something else. In the meantime, I can imagine the carrion are already moving in and it’ll likely be carnage as they try to grab the suddenly uncontrolled sections of space.


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