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Some clever sort has been exporting the latest ship models from the latest Singularity build and been posting them up on the SHC forums. So even if we can’t access all the goodies until “next week”, we can at least see some of what’s avaliable.

The presence of Jovian ships is a suprise, though. As far as I know they haven’t been announced in any way for Apocrypha, so it’s quite possible they might just end up sat on the database until CCP decide to do something with them. Jovian ships have appeared in the game before, but this is the first time they’ve been seen in the Trinity graphics engine.

Then we have the Talocans. One of the mysterious ancient races of EVE, these are another suprise as well. We knew that there would be Sleepers in the new wormhole space, but where these new ships will appear is anyone’s guess.

and finally, what we’ve all been waiting for:

The Caldari Tengu.

Nothing we haven’t seen before, technically. Concept versions of the Tengu were shown at the fanfest when T3 was revealed to the world. The fourth module definitely look like the “weapon system” part of the ship, and it’s possible to hypothesis a bit about the weapon layouts for some parts, as you can see the turret hardpoints. There’s even the Tengu part that looks like a drone bay, which would make it unique amongst the other Caldari ships.

and another couple of images from SHC: 1 2

The Gallente Proteus (normal mapped?).

Not the most pleasant thing to look at, but it’s something.

No shots of the Minmatar Loki just yet, and the Amarr Legion was sadly absent from the current build, as were a chunk of the different modules for the other races, but they will hopefully appear soon.


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