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The continuing coverage of the sixth alliance tournament has been fantastic to watch and the final matches were spectacular. Congratulations to Pandemic Legion for seizing victory in a stupidly close fight with R.U.R.

Now, given the more recent information from CCP Hammerhead about T3 during the last sections of the coverage, we can get past the violent knee jerk stage and see how the big issue of losing skill points when you lose a modular will work out.

Each ship will have a universal/racial skill, like the HAC or Command Ship skill, that let’s you fly the ship. Then there are specific racial skills for each of the five subsystems; so we are looking at 21 or 24 seperate skills.

When your fancy T3 ship explodes, as all ships do, you will lose one level from one of the subsystem skills. Which sounds horrible, but these have been confirmed as rank one skills. These are the same rank as, for example, Amarr frigate. What this means is that the most training time you can possibly lose in one  explosion, which should be updated with the new effects coming in Apocrypha, is about four days; getting the a skill to four can be done in a day, and will be made easier by the new skill queue.

A controversial change indeed, but suddenly it doesn’t seem so bad, and there is even a way to avoid losing a skill level:


Almost forgot: CCP smashed through their current PCU record to hit more than 51,000 players online at once and EVE TV also broke its viewer record to reach more than 12,000 as people tuned in for the final.


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