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It would be foolish to log on to Singularity on the first day of a major new patch and expect everything to be fine, and today was no exception. Everything was either broken, missing, or a placeholder, and it was a chaotic experience for everyone participating. Pictured above is one of the new Strategic Cruiser modular ships, the Caldari Tengu. The tengu was the only ship with textures, and there was only fifteen of the twenty five parts avaliable, but these screenshots should give you an idea of how varied they can be.


-but yeah, while it’s nice to finally see them in game it’s impossible to really see how they’ll work with none of the stats or bonuses in place just yet. The Gallente Proteus is missing all of it’sd defensive subsystems and can’t be built, the Minmatar Loki is untextured, and the Amarr Legion looks like five metallic space hoppers forming a conga-line.  We don’t usually get patches this early on Singularity- normally they arrive a week or two before launch- and it is in quite a state, but hopefully there are updates on the way and we can see what Apocrypha is really made of.


I could talk endlessly about just what I’ve seen today, but it’s much better to wait until we get a bit more clarification.  Supposedly, there are dev blogs on the T3 ships on the way (this week?) that will explain things a bit more.



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