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The Minmatar Loki, or one of its combinations at least, in all its untextured glory.

Now, as Apocrypha was released onto Singularity yesterday, CCP also released a set of preliminary patch notes to accompany the changes. I thought now would be the best time to have a runnage around and highlight some of the interesting changes-before another dev blog or server patch goes up and I get distracted again.

All content now has Premium models. Before only Ships, Stations and Stargates had premium content.
New effects, both visual and audio

Turret firing effects

Local ship effects (shield boosting, armor repairing etc.)

Remote effects (Warp Scrambling, remote repairing etc.)

Environmental effects (Clouds in dungeons)

At last! We’ll be getting the long awaited updates to effects and planets. They do actually exist on the test server right now, but are all in the same horribly broekn state as everything else.

Character creation has been reduced to a single screen and all unnecessary options have been removed.

With Attribute Respecification, players will be able to change their core attributes (charisma, intelligence, memory, perception, willpower) within the game. Older characters can now redistribute their attribute points once every six months. New characters are now able to redistribute their attribute points at will any time after character creation (Twice for free). This option is available on the Character Sheet’s Attributes screen. Pilots pick their character attributes in a way that supports their expected gameplay.

New characters now receive a bonus to skill training speed when under a specific SP level. This is to account for the removal of many of the automatic starter skills. The bonus is temporary and only until the player catches up with “modern” characters (i.e. those that start with 800k skill points today). Namely, the player gets a 100% bonus from creation and until he reaches 1.6 Million Skill Points, regardless of the time that takes. A player is shown his current % bonus to his skill training in the character sheet underneath the total amount of skills and skill points

The “New Player Experience” is as big a part of Apocrypha as the T3 ships and wormholes, and it’s clear that CCP is very interested in stopping people gimping their stats and skills five seconds into character creation. The six month cooldown on stat changes should stop it being abused, and I’ve seen on the test server that there are limits in place to stop people min/maxing certain attributes. A speed bonus to skill training is an interesting alternative to just giving new players more SP and a stack of skills they may not want, so they should now be able to have a bit more control over their first 1.6 million skill point. Someone on the forums pointed out that this would be a great the learning skills out of the way very rapidly, which is something you just can’t argue with. Combining all this with the skill queue goes a long way to makng those first few days/weeks smoother for new players.

The targeting process is no longer interrupted, stalled or changed by activating an offensive module and trying to target a ship which is already in the process of being targeted. Previously players would have seen the target lock seemingly aborted with a warning message displayed.

Finally, aborted locks while trying to catch a ships leaving a gate or station are a bloody nightmare. Not that any of this matters, though, as “EVE is dying” and Apocrypha will be the deathblow that kills the game and the player base. Oh yes.


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