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Crackdown- Xbox 360.

Forget that this is a game about taking down three violent triads while amassing a bodycount that makes Robocop look like Playdays. Forget that this is a short game that you can breeze through in hail of hot lead and exploding barrels over a weekend. Forget that the driving is almost irrelevant to the main missions and the agency supercar is so fast you’ll bounce a dozen pedestrians off your bonnet before you’ve had had time to get your foot off the accelerator. The joy of crackdown is in hunting down agility orbs.

As a genetically enhanced cross between The Six Million Dollar Man and Judge Dredd, you gain experience for each of your skills (agility, strength, agility, driving, and explosives) by killing enemies in a way relevant to that skill, completing the set rooftop and driving races, or finding agility (or hidden orbs) dotted around the city. Gather enough experience and that skill increases in power; it’s the typical advancement fetish of collecting things to get better at collecting things so you can collect more things.

A fresh-from-the-test-tube super agent can only jump ten feet in the air and sprint at an Olympic pace. With your basic abilities, you’ll struggle to reach most rooftops, but then you find some agility orbs, level up, and suddenly the world opens up. Every boost to your skills will change your perception of the landscape, as the orbs become harder to find and more difficult to reach. Driving is very quickly rendered obsolete as you bound across the skyline, and what was once an impossible gulf between city blocks becomes a hop, skip, and a jump. This is what Crackdown is good at, making you feel like a superhuman freerunner as your tear through the evolving playground of the city. Find a vantage point, look for the green glow, and start running.


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