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Category Archives: Age of Conan

My free month of Age of Conan is probably going to be up in a few days, but I’ve already lost interest.

It’s not that it’s a bad game, though, Age of Conan could be great, but potential just isn’t worth the monthly fee, and with the constant updates the game just doesn’t feel solid enough right now. Give it six months and it’ll be a much more stable product, with all of the unique features like PvP levels, and player sieges, properly implemented.

The combat, melee in particular, stood out as something a bit different, and it seemed that combat in AoC was realitively more skill based than your average MMO, and fighting was an actual melee, with strikes glancing off other attackers as you fought; it was something more wild.

Visually: EPIC. Traditional fantasy stuff, but the scale of some areas was just fantastic, with landmarks that just screamed “Climb Me!”.

The problem for me, personally, is that it’s just too similar to the WOW archetype. I had the week or two of constant addiction, as I did with Guild Wars earlier this year, before I realised this is just going in the same direction for me as WOW and backed off. If PvP levels had been implemented already I would have stuck around for a bit longer, as that is what really caught my eye about AoC in the first place.

The PVP side of thing is what really sets it apart from other MMOs. Although the main way of leveling is through quests and PVE, it’s fairly easy going, and will be more so once Funcom introduce more quests and areas. Bugs and class imbalances aside, it’s got a skill based PVP system with levels, eventually, and an “end game” territorial warfare in the form of the battle keeps.

It’s very easy to draw parallels with EVE, battle keeps are the equivalent of the player outposts in 0.0 and resource points work in a very similar way to asteroid belts, with each point at a fixed location that regenerates over time, . Just running around the Stygian resource area, I could see the possibility of vicious fighting over control of the keeps, of which there is only room for three, and the resources.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if one or more of the guilds in control of the the keeps decided to assume control of their local resource point, even to the point of charging people for access. What are going to be the most peaceful zones on a PVE server are very likely to be bloodbaths on a PVP one, and it’s this that gives me second thoughts about canceling my account.

Age of Conan: Potential Brilliance.