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ORVR leveling is almost entirely dependent on the fluctuations of the Order and Destruction populations, and therefore the best time to get some leveling done is during the prime time of your particular server (not that there won’t be some mad bastards on at all hours). XP gain is erratic at the best of times, as you run into fresh meat or some poor mage that’s been ground down into a single digits worth after a half hour keep siege.

Keeps and Battlefield Objectives (BO) are where most of the action is taking place, as the metronome conflict moves from one warcamp entrance to the other. If there’s any doubt as to where there is violence, the Empire/Chaos zonesare your best bet. Now, crushing the enemy is obviously the main thrust of what you are doing in the RVR zones, but sometimes it’s best to not fight. Turning the opposing faction’s entry point into a meatgrinder just becomes a pointless exercise after a while, and if they get on the cannons then it just turns into a shooting gallery as one side tries to pick away at stragglers before they retreat without getting beaten into the dirt by the NPC guards. If you find yourself in posession of all the keeps and BOs, look to jump to another tier; at the very least, back off and give the enemy some breathing room. If players can’t even get out of their Warcamp in significant numbers they aren’t going to come out and give you the fights you want. Let them regroup and make a move on one of the objectives, then descend upon them and kick them off it.